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( May. 8th, 2009 12:44 am)
We arrived back much earlier than I had expected.

I know it's utterly lame, but I love that driving around back roads and doing stupid stuff while driving with my friends is so utterly thrilling and fun. While everyone else is getting all freaked out about being lost, I'm the one who is secretly excited and exalted.

After Derek said that he had to go fill his tank earlier today, I jokingly asked where he was going to take us. He asked if we really wanted to go somewhere, so I turned to Elizabeth, who agreed and said sure and thus was born the plan. We, being Derek, Elizabeth, Dustin and I decided that we'd go to the casino, cos around here, that's all anyone does for fun. By singing up for a "Club Card", for free, you are given $10 for free, so I was down, cos that obviously, I had to spend no money. :D

It was fab. We spent a good couple-ish hours in the casino with just $10. Elizabeth had $20, as did Derek and Dustin used his free ten as did Richard and I. The boys kept winning pretty big for penny machines, but silly Derek didn't cash out at his $50 so he lost everything. Dustin could have left with +15 but wound up spending it so he merely broke even. To my shock, I found the casinos to be far more enjoyable than expected. Obviously, I don't play to win, but just for fun, and I'm sure that's what made it so grand. Elizabeth adn I would flitter around the casino, getting free drinks and playing various cute games.

And Star Wars.

We liked the Star Wars machine. The Dark Side wins more. xD Gooo figure!

When we left, it was only 11:30, which was surprising. It felt like we'd spent so much longer, which I assume is the opposite of what one normally feels; the whole lack of windows and clocks to make time seem nonexistent seems to work well with many.

Instead of going back to the dorm, we did the obvious.

Drive around, being stupid and having fun.

Derek is one of those crazy drivers who loves his breaks a little too much and refuses to slow down for turns. While it tends to scare most people, Elizabeth and I tend to LOVE this style of driving, so we had him take us to the roller coaster road, which is an amazing, steep hill. Oh man, it was fab. xD His car is low-set so he feared bottoming out, but did quite well. Multiple times. Oh man, it was rad. :DD

From there, we decided to go to find Nick's house, cos Elizabeth once told me she would show it to me. Oh my GOD. Seeing his house made me feel like riff raff. -.- He lives in the nice part of town, in it's own little housing district. @____@ It's a gorgeous house, though. Guh. *g*

Then, we just proceeded to drive around, being silly and stupid and speeding a lot. I donno; it's utterly lame, but I had so much fun and we laughed so hard, my tummy hurt. That hasn't happened for a while.

I guess we're going back to the Casino on Monday; All-You-Can-Eat-Wings for $6! Woo! xD LOL


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